Cofepris alerts that an “AstraZeneca SA de CV” appeared. Can’t sell or apply “vaccines,” he says

Cofepris warned about the illegal sale of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Mexico City, February 3 (However) .- The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) alerted about the illicit sale of a supposed vaccine against COVID-19 from the AstraZeneca laboratory.

“Any vaccine against COVID-19 for sale through internet pages, social networks, by telephone, pharmacies, hospitals or points of sale constitutes a health risk because it is of doubtful origin,” Cofepris explained in a statement. .

In addition, he stated that if the population is offered the sale of the supposed vaccine, they should not purchase it, since, for the moment, in Mexico the sale in the private sector is not authorized, in addition to the AstraZeneca company, SA de CV does not recognize any intermediary for this purpose.

Faced with this situation, he asked the population to report the establishments, be they hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy or any other point of sale that offers this vaccine.

He also warned that in case of having acquired this vaccine and it has been applied there may be adverse reactions or discomfort.

“Cofepris continues with surveillance actions to prevent the products,
companies or establishments fail to comply with current health legislation and
guarantee that they do not represent a risk to the health of the population ”, he concluded.


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