“Cohabitation with her trousers cut off”… Shahnaz’s statements that sparked controversy in “Gada Stat”

2024-01-11 12:26:00

02:26 PM Thursday, January 11, 2024

Written by: Manal Al-Gyoushi

The name of the singer Shahnaz topped the search engines after her meeting with the journalist Marwa Sabry on the “Qaada Stat” program on the Alpha channel.

Shahnaz’s statements during the episode sparked controversy on social media, most notably:

– I took off the hijab 10 years ago, and when I wore cut-off jeans, everyone spoke and said, “I still took off the hijab.”

– I see a lot of girls wearing these pants, but when Shahnaz wears or does something, people always associate her with the hijab.

– A respected program presenter, her preparation team contacted me and told me that I would be her guest, and I agreed and set my appointments on this basis. I found them talking to me two days before the episode, and they canceled the episode, and I told them that there is no problem at all, but I know the reason.

– Preparing the program, they evaded a little, but someone I respect and we have a nice professional relationship spoke to me and said, “Look, without getting upset.” She told us, “I’m going to get Shahnaz to talk about her.” Shahnaz has no scandal, no marriage or divorce, for example, because she didn’t insult anyone or got married in secret.

– I did not think about calling the musician Helmy Bakr during his illness, but God knows that I forgave him for any insult he once did to me, and he is a respected musician with a long career.

– Despite his unjustified attacks sometimes, I wish him recovery and that he remains among his family and loved ones. You and I, Mr. Helmy, know that I am a good singer and I have a lot of work. I am not the one who has one song, as I said before, and I wish you all the best and a long life.

– End cohabitation. What they do in America or in Europe is that someone rents a room in a shared house, but each one is in his own right. Nor is cohabitation where two men and women live as spouses while they are not spouses. I am a Muslim woman and I am united with God, and I believe that all religions forbid this idea. Adultery, just because I am not talking about it. Cohabitation that involves a marital relationship between an unmarried man and a woman is adultery. This is God’s words, not my words, and I am certainly against it, since I am a religious woman, thank God, and I understand my religion and respect my faith.

_Mohamed Ramadan is a very humble person, and I am very lucky to have worked with him

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