Collecting EP.5, looking at the moment of Chuan Jin “Yin-War” sweet debut : Maya Channel

Halfway through with the WeTV Original project “Kol Rak Senior LOVE MECHANICS” that has already reached Ep. “Mark” (War Wanarat), whether the scene calls for tears and the most dramatic drama or the scene of Jin Fin spread But still have to win how the love of the couple will end up in the end

As for Ep. 5 in the past, it’s called smiling cheeks. Because each scene is said to be very good for the heart. So this event will take you to see the Chuan Jin moment of “Yin-War”. It opens with the first scene that I know that this work is true love. Hope to decorate it. “V” plays with “Mark” to debut with At home like that Look, I know that I have a heart for sure Raise the level of finnishness a little more with the handshake scene. that even if it’s a small moment But the teasing words made me extremely happy, but that made me cough up blood. I have to agree with the spiciness of “Mark”, playing a tight six pack show like this. How can I resist seeing it? Even “V” still looks unblinking in his eyes. until almost seeing the love scene Even though it was interrupted, it made it a bit embarrassing. But that made him die peacefully, the pink corpse with the scene that “Mark” secretly heard “V” revealed that he liked “V” as well. not only this Played the ending with a scene that was so sweet that sugar called her mother, “V”, played secretly, giving a rose to “Mark”, making the fans fink out their pillows.

But the fun isn’t over yet because Ep. 6 can tell you that you’ve definitely seen jealousy until it’s out of your face. But what level of jealousy is following the series? “Kol Rak Senior LOVE MECHANICS” at, WeTV application and website only, broadcasting every Saturday at 21.00

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