Collision between vehicles in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre: Refusal of priority causes accident

2023-10-09 14:53:58

Firefighters and ambulances from the Val de Sambre area were called this Monday in the middle of the afternoon, to the intersection of rue du Brûlé and rue des Trois Frères Servais in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre for a collision between two vehicles.

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It appears that a refusal of priority was the cause of the accident. The car coming from rue des Trois Frères Servais did not give way to the second one coming from the other street. Under the impact, the first vehicle rolled onto its side.

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The two motorists were treated by paramedics but were not transferred to hospital. The local police of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre went to the site to make the report.

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