Colo Colo Security Woes Continue: Blanco y Negro Leadership Scrambles for Replacement

2023-12-20 01:46:41

By Gonzalo Lizama December 19, 2023 at 10:44 p.m.

Colo Colo added a new headache after the end of the season. And after the departure of Gustavo Quinteros, the leadership of Blanco y Negro had to deal with a surprising resignation that changed all plans before the end of the year.

This is Eduardo Díaz Lisboa, head of security who took office three months ago after the departure of Sergio Ocares Retamal, who had to leave after the Cacique fans revealed the fanaticism he had for the University of Chile.

This was reported in the last few hours by journalist Rodrigo Gómez from Radio Cooperativa, adding that the Blanco y Negro leadership is working quickly to find a replacement.

Colo Colo once again has problems with his security chief

The security issue brought a lot of problems to Colo Colo in 2023. It is worth remembering that one of the most powerful names in the position was Luis Urzúa, a former Carabineros officer, who remained in office from 2015 until August of this year. anus.

The directors of Blanco y Negro reacted quickly and announced Sergio Ocares Retamal. However, his connection with the U ended his stay at the Monumental Stadium and Eduardo Díaz Lisboa became the head of security for the white team, until now.

In this way, Colo Colo could add its fourth head of security before the end of the year, which has been quite hectic, especially after the departure of Gustavo Quinteros, a coach who left after more than three years at the club and is already considering an important offer from Argentina to continue his career.

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