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Colombia warns that omicron may be in several regions

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Fernando Ruiz, Minister of Health of Colombia, warned this Thursday that the new variant of covid-19, omicron, “could be spread in several regions.”

He also reported that cases continue to rise slightly and 2,262 infections and 57 deaths from the disease were reported.

Ruiz, who did not confirm the existence of cases of the variant in Colombia, assured in a message on his Twitter account that “we must wait for more evidence from omicron.” However, he indicated that “it could be spread in several regions”, “it seems to be more transmissible”.

Besides that “affects more unvaccinated“And that” there is still no evidence of greater severity. “

Follow the measurements before the omicron variant

The health minister recommended “heterologous vaccination” (with booster doses), to continue wearing face masks, which in Colombia is still mandatory both indoors and outdoors, and isolation in case of suspected contagion or symptoms.

With the figures reported this Thursday, which have been slightly on the rise in recent weeks, in Colombia 128,643 deaths and 5,074,079 cases were reached, of which 13,800 are still active.

Antioquia was once again the department with the most infections this Thursday, 582, followed by Bogotá (332), Valle del Cauca (195), Atlántico (164), Santander (153) and Norte de Santander (141).

Of the 57 deaths (50 of them from previous days), the majority occurred in Norte de Santander (14), Antioquia (10), Valle del Cauca (8), Bogotá (5), Atlántico (4), and Guajira and Santander (3).

This Thursday 46,741 detection tests were processed and in the last reported vaccination day, Tuesday, 433,282 doses were given, of which 118,577 were second doses and 28,135 Janssen single doses.

Thus, 57,521,265 doses were applied and 24,744,249 people have the one and two-dose scheme (48.6% of the population) and 1,067,938 have a booster dose.

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