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In a photograph circulates starring a young recent graduate who, wearing a cap and gown, worked at her father’s street stall.

As explained by the Internet user @GuilleRondonAl, the scene was captured in Los Almendros, a neighborhood located in the coastal city of Santa Marta (Colombia).

“Yesterday, daring, in Santa Marta, I took this photo where the recent graduate did not let go of her cap and gown to help her father in the sale of street hot dogs”wrote the user via Twitter.

Despite having to work shortly after graduating, the young woman was “proud” and “exuded gratitude for the one who surely watches over her best future to the death.”

The story went viral and generated a large number of reactions, most of which were congratulations to the girl for not hesitating to support her father at work.

“Beautiful young people who feel proud of their humble parents”; “Hardworking man in life…Pacho’s dogs have been good for years. Congratulations to him and his daughter ”; “What a beauty”, wrote the people in the publication that accumulates more than 1700 “likes”.

Santa Marta, a city famous for its beaches and tourist activities

Santa Marta is the capital of the department of Magdalena, Colombia. It was founded on July 29, 1525 by the Spanish Rodrigo de Bastidas, which makes it the oldest standing city in Colombia.

According to Wikipedia, it is known for its tourist activities, the history of its streets and its beaches. The El Rodadero spa is one of the main destinations in the Colombian Caribbean.

The city is also known for having been the place where Simón Bolívar died in 1830 in a hacienda named Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, which at that time was located on the outskirts of the city of Santa Marta.

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