Colombian Actor Juan Pablo Raba Recovers from Violent Robbery in Bogotá: New Details of the Crime

2023-11-06 21:00:00

Colombian actor Juan Pablo Raba is recovering from the violent robbery he suffered while walking with his two children through the eastern hills of Bogotá. He has already made the respective complaint to the authorities, while recounting new details of the moments of anguish that he experienced at the expense of criminals.

(In context: Juan Pablo Raba is assaulted in Bogotá: thieves beat him in front of his children).

The protagonist of the series ‘Wild District’ decided to tour the hills in the morning hours of this November 6. However, five men approached him on a path.

“We came across two people, they came with their legs tied. I felt that something was not right. I turned to an area a little higher and three others who had seen us pass came out. They set us up,” he told Noticias Caracol. .

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The thieves cornered him and beat him in the presence of his children. Hurt and intimidated, the subjects took his cell phone and forced him to give them the keys to access the bank accounts: “They transferred what they could.”

Regardless of the fact that they had managed to make the money transfers and had stripped him of his cell phone, wedding ring and a watch, the criminals tried to attack his children.

Oriental cars of Bogotá.


Rodrigo Sepúlveda and Carlos Ortega / EL TIEMPO Archive

“The situation got a little complicated when one of them went to grab my daughter. That’s when I hit him hard. Curiously, that’s when the situation started to calm down, but they didn’t behave very well,” he said on the television news. .

Actress Mónica Fonseca, Raba’s wife, described what happened as “terrible”: “A normal walk to the mountains turns into this crappy situation. 5 young people against a father, an 11-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl.”

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Due to the robbery, the ‘Queen of the South’ actor invited his contacts not to open messages that come from his cell phone, as they could be the criminals.

Businessman Carlos Ríos was also robbed in the hills

Carlos Ríos, husband of Silvia Martínez, director of the Simón Bolívar journalism award, and relative of the journalist Darcy Quinn, was also the victim of a robbery in the hills, in the area where criminals robbed Raba.

The 59-year-old businessman was beaten and tied up by “12 guys,” according to Darcy Quinn.

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Specialized teams searched for Carlos Ríos.


Bogotá Firefighters

“He had to escape by jumping into the void… He didn’t get lost walking through the hills,” said the journalist from the radio station La FM, after the statement by Mayor Claudia López.

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The president of Bogotá expressed solidarity with Ríos and Raba and called on citizens to follow the routes and schedules “with safety devices and guides” that exist to ascend the hills.

“We invite citizens to comply and adhere to the recommendations and instructions given by the Bogotá Aqueduct and the Bogotá Police to walk along the paths of the eastern hills, precisely to avoid unexpected or regrettable situations,” he concluded.

109,921 robberies against people, from January to September 2023, are recorded in the city. That is, there is an increase, since in the same period of 2022, 93,443 were reported, according to figures from the Ministry of Security.

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