Colors of the homeland | The star constellation “The Chair” decorates the sky of Egypt and the Arab world tonight

In the sky of Egypt and the Arab world, this evening, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, and in the coming nights, one of the most famous constellations called Cassiopeia, which is easily found on the northeastern horizon at the beginning of the night, is monitored in the sky of Egypt and the Arab world.

The chair looks like the letter “W” or “M”.

Engineer Majed Abu Zahira, President of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, says that this constellation can be easily distinguished by its shape that resembles the letter “W” or “M”, where “that chair” takes the shape of the letter according to the time in which it is performed. monitoringThe difference in position is due to the rotation of the Earth around itself.

Abu Zahra added that Cassiopeia is expected to appear from dark locations away from the light pollution of cities on a bright belt of stars, known as the “Milky Way.” This glowing band represents the edge of vision to the flat disk of our galaxy.

Cassiopeia rotates counterclockwise

Head pointed Astronomical Societysuggests that Cassiopeia stars apparently orbit in a counterclockwise direction around the North Pole Star during the night as they lie high above the Polar Star in the hours before dawn.

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