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August 5, 2022 at 12:42 pm

The child was also recently born, took out a loan before birth, because there was not enough money to buy one-time money for urgent needs such as a stroller, crib, etc., etc.
But my wife, first of all, doesn’t reproach me for anything, although she doesn’t have enough money from her main job, and even more so she doesn’t talk about divorce, and secondly, I quit smoking, I found a part-time job on weekends so that I can have a little plus. I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of myself, but somehow I’m trying to move in order to clear the debt and so that it doesn’t affect my life.
And in this situation, a mentally weak dude and a little girl, who, according to anyone, dreams of a luxury life and endured the brain.
A sad end, whatever they may be – my condolences.
Baby sorry (

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