Companies assure that fuel supply is normalized

2023-10-31 22:13:31

The main producing and refining companies in the country assured this afternoon that service stations across the country confirmed “that “the volumes of fuel they are receiving increased,” after the measures to alleviate the fuel shortage of recent days.

In a joint communication, YPF, Rayzen, Trafigua and Axion They stated that “the sector increased the pace of dispatch from its refineries and implemented a special logistics scheme with more than 4,000 tanker trucks that allowed the usual supply of fuel to increase by between 10 and 15%.”

They also added that «The fuel provided by 5 ships has already been added and the arrival of two is expected
“more ships that will allow us to rebuild fuel stocks.”

“The supply situation throughout the country was quickly recovered,” the companies noted.

As far as he could know RÍO NEGRO DiaryYPF increased the volume shipped to its national flag network by 30.6% in relation to the average for the week between October 23 and 29, to address supply problems.

The flag signing added 5 shipswhich is equivalent to Additional 12% of demand.

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