Comparing Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard: Who Will Be the Best Player in the World?

2023-08-14 22:30:00

In 2015, the Edmonton Oilers drafted Connor McDavid first overall. And he quickly became the best player in the world. When he retires, he even wonders if he will be the best player of all time.

Eight years later, in 2023, it was the Chicago Blackhawks’ turn to draft a front-row forward named Connor. In addition to their first name, it is easy to make links between these two prodigy players. It’s true that Bedard hasn’t played a match on the Bettman circuit, but everyone agrees that he will be dominant.

From there to ahead of McDavid for the title of the best player in the world? Not so fast.

The two forwards were invited to a training camp in Toronto and they showed all their talent by maneuvering the puck. What we can notice is that the 97 is far superior to its young compatriot.

This is where we see that the difference between junior hockey and the NHL is notable.

Yes, Bedard dominated in the WHL, but when you compare him to McDavid, you see a difference. After all, the Oilers captain is in the show for eight years already, and it shows.

McDavid is much faster and has much better hands. I’m not saying the new Hawks protege is a not good, but when you compare him to the cream of the crop, maybe we went a little too hard, a little too fast when we said, “he’s going to be competing with McDavid for the next few years “. It’s true that his favorite tool is his shot – and not his skating – but…

Maybe in a few years the former Regina Pats 98 will give the other Connor a hard time, but looking ahead to next season, the two aren’t going to finish close in the stats column. There will be no comparisons to be made between the two. It would be unfair to the younger Connor.

And anyway, Bedard must “make the club” before thinking about winning the Art Ross…

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Ah, well yes.

– Obviously.

– What does this mean for Cody Fajardo?

– A very large contract.

– Interesting.

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