Complicated Psychological Profile: Woman Convicted of Computer Fraud and Theft

2023-06-26 06:22:00

A 27-year-old young lady, mother of two children and pregnant with a third, was tried by the Arlon Criminal Court presided over by Judge Philippe Nazé. She is warned of computer fraud, more than fifty over a period of two years.

The Bertrigeoise took as the main victim an octogenarian lady. She managed to coax the lady who took a liking to her, and trusted her. In order to help her make better use of her computer, the defendant received the codes to make the lady’s payments. She took the opportunity to empty her savings for an amount of €8,200.

In addition, it has developed a system to appropriate various objects and equipment on social networks, mainly mobile phones, after sending proof of a deposit paid. The proof being a doctored electronic document, the sellers who had sent the object in confidence, found themselves cheated.

In the other direction, it presented objects for sale, received the deposit paid in confidence, and never sent the non-existent object.

The defendant is in confession.

A complicated psychological profile

His lawyer, Lyse Thirion, during the hearing, had requested a suspension of the ruling, explaining the complex personality of his client, a child adopted badly in his skin, author of many runaways and psychologically disturbed.

The reasons for the judgment rendered are severe: “The court takes into account the seriousness and the multiplicity of the facts and the constant contempt shown by the defendant for the property and the peace of others, as well as a previous conviction for similar facts . A jail sentence will meet a just sentence.”

The Bertrigeoise was sentenced to eight months in prison. The judge did not withhold a fine as requested by the public prosecutor, because compensation to the civil parties will be complicated for the convicted. Given his family situation and his young age, he granted him a reprieve for a period of five years. She will have to agree to be supported by Diapazon, whose mission will be to set up psychosocial monitoring, and by a competent body that will help her control her budget.

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