Compulsory testing | Surprise inspection of Grand Promenade Bay and Kingsun Terrace reveals that 86 people were not tested and 7 people were fined 10,000 yuan

Authorities found 85 people in Grand Promenade Bay Block 2 violating the mandatory testing notice. (File photo/Photo by Chen Yizhao)

The government today (3rd) raided two buildings that had been included in the mandatory testing notice earlier. It was found that 86 people violated the notice and failed to undergo testing. The government has issued a mandatory testing order to them and issued a fixed fine of 10,000 yuan to 7 people. notice.

The Eastern District Office, together with the Eastern District Police District and the Department of Health, went to Block 2, Grand Promenade Bay, Sai Wan Ho to enforce the law this morning. They inspected the test reports of about 430 people tested, of which 85 violated the mandatory testing notice.

The Water Supplies Department leads the Drainage Services Department to enforce the law

This morning, the Water Supplies Department, together with the Drainage Services Department, the Tuen Mun Police District and the Department of Health, inspected about 255 subjects at Block 3 of King Sun Terrace, Tuen Mun, and found that a woman violated the mandatory inspection notice.

The government emphasized that anyone who fails to comply with the mandatory testing announcement can be fined 10,000 yuan and receive a compulsory testing order requiring a test within a specified period. Violators can be fined 50,000 yuan and imprisoned for 6 months.

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