Concerts in the Free Zone in Concarneau: it starts strong with a rock rap punk evening – Concarneau

This Saturday, May 14, the Free Zone is organizing a rock rap punk evening, at the Tri Martolod brasserie in Concarneau, with three crazy, offbeat and delirious groups. Difficult, therefore, to define their styles and influences as they go off the beaten track. The five musicians of the Rennes group “Mégadef” will open the ball in their own way… unclassifiable.

“Zero Poetry”, which will continue, is defined as follows: “Nothing better than all”. An entire program. Formed in 2010, the trio does not hesitate to incorporate hip-hop and electro sounds into some of its songs with deliberately naive lyrics.

Masked, made-up or disguised artists

“Krav Boca”, meanwhile, is an independent group of French, Greek and Moroccan punk-rap, formed in Toulouse in 2014. Composed of eight members, the formation has three singers, a mandolinist, a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and a performer. On stage, the members of the group appear hooded, made up and sometimes disguised. Close to the punk movement and attached to a “do it yourself” mode of operation, the group performs all over the world, both in squats and in major festivals. free zone is a place of exchange, benevolence, and discovery.


This Saturday, May 14, at 8 p.m., at the Tri Martolod brasserie. A catering will be possible on site, and the entrance price is free, a political approach in opposition to the fixed price, which allows everyone to have access to the event according to their budget. It is used to remunerate the artists, and to operate the place in self-management. For parking, use the Pôle Emploi car park.

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