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2023-11-30 11:00:54

Ausim has a vision for 2024 with an impact via digital in order to “energize the transformation of business and public administration”.

For its 6th business meetings in Marrakech, inwi is joining forces with Ausim (Association of Information Systems Users in Morocco). The opportunity to address, during this edition organized on Tuesday, still current topics including digitalization and artificial intelligence.

By organizing this event, inwi starts, according to the director of studies and development at the operator, Ouassim El Arroussi, from “convictions”. Starting with digital as an “issue in businesses”. “Digital transformation is part of their daily life,” he explains, putting forward another conviction.
Technology Management

In this regard, he speaks about the “increasingly shorter cycle of the technological revolution on a daily basis”. In this sense, he advances the “role with companies so that this transformation is as transparent as possible so that companies can benefit from it”. In the meantime, it emerges “the infrastructures dedicated by inwi to connectivity which are becoming more and more intelligent”. “We have companies among the users,” he continues. And that’s not all. “For 5 years, there has been a need for scalability among the client,” he says, recalling the operator’s sovereign cloud solution.

On the Ausim side

As for Fahd Meski, vice-president of Ausim, he agrees. All while presenting this association “created 20 years ago to accelerate the diffusion of the use of information systems and digital technology in Morocco”. For the moment, it has “112 member organizations, 115,000 employees, 3 sectors represented (primary, secondary and tertiary) and 20% of GDP”. Likewise, Ausim has a vision for 2024 with an impact via digital in order to “energize the transformation of business and public administration”. It also has an impact on people, in the community and on sustainable development. In addition, this association has programs dedicated to education and innovation among others as well as a new program called “le douar by Ausim”. That being said, these meetings are also an opportunity to host debates.

Concrete experiences

Also present, the director in charge of digitalization and simplification of procedures at the CRI (Regional Investment Center) of Marrakech, Saloua Chaaibi, discusses the 2020-2025 roadmap with a process of “digitalization in order to “attract investors and create jobs.” For his part, the Fixed and Connectivity manager at inwi, Chafik Kasimi, speaks about “supporting companies looking for solutions”. “Digital transformation, we have to go there. Even online quotes are a source of data. The cloud is necessary, it will happen,” he continues. In addition, Mr. Meski, also CIO (director of information systems) at Concentrix and Webhelp Maroc, believes that “all data has value. It is the user who defines this. “There are two challenges about the cloud. It’s about geolocation and the contribution to the company. As for Yassine Moudatir, director of the Sanlam Morocco factory solution, he believes: “There is no company that does not rely on secure information systems.” “The cloud provides pooling,” he concludes. As a reminder, this 6th edition is taking place in several cities in the Kingdom under the theme “What challenges for a successful company in the digital age?” A question that this debate tried to answer in the ocher city.

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