Consuelo Porras meets with deputies and analyzes issues such as usury – 2024-03-01 10:40:27

The attorney general and head of the Public Ministry (MP), María Consuelo Porras Argueta, met this Wednesday, February 28, with heads and deputy heads of blocks of the Congress of the Republic in a meeting in which, as detailed, they seek to “generate a line of coordination between both institutions.” The president of the Legislature, Nery Ramos, did not attend the meeting.

During the meeting, which was behind closed doors and without the presence of journalists, the prosecutor highlighted “the 98% reduction in tax arrears, the resolution of 96% of new cases filed since May 2018.”

In addition, the meeting discussed “the importance of the care provided to vulnerable groups and in relation to women”, the second most reported crime.

According to a statement from the MP, reference was made to Resolutive Point 6-2024 of the Congress of the Republic, which exposes “the situation of vulnerability that several Guatemalans are facing, being victims of entities that are not banking or financial institutions. “They besiege and profit from their needs, making them the object of humiliation in their humanity and even causing their death.”

Regarding these types of events, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that “among the preliminary actions, the Transnational Crimes Prosecutor’s Office and the Immediate Reaction Unit have detected the use of information and communication technologies to commit illicit activities, including scams.”

He explained that the Prosecutor’s Office has identified 17 types of scam through the use of information technologies and that “the majority are related to computer crimes”; However, he said that currently there is no legal framework to address these crimes, which is why it has been necessary to address them as a criminal phenomenon, giving it a comprehensive approach.

They added that the acts of usury have been addressed through a multidisciplinary team that includes the Directorate of Criminal Analysis and the Women, Kidnappings and Life Prosecutor’s Offices.

“The attorney general reiterated the importance of coordinated work as a tool to effectively serve the population and thanked the block chiefs and deputy chiefs for their participation in the coordination meeting, hoping to be able to work together in the fight against crimes of usury and “others that affect the population, emphasizing the need for Congressmen to know the information in order to legislate and create laws that can strengthen criminal prosecution.”

Porras said that we must “continue to carry out successful coordination that benefits our country. Once again I affirm that in respect of our respective functions and compliance with the law, the Public Ministry always has its doors open for all of you.”

The MP said that this is another of the meetings that the Prosecutor’s Office coordinates and recalled that

The first of them was extended to the President of the Republic, Bernardo Arévalo, who delegated the Minister of the Interior; In addition, he said that he recently held a meeting with the plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice and then the last one with deputies.

Deputies give their opinion

At the end of the meeting between the block heads of the Congress of the Republic and Porras, deputy Esduin Jerson Javier Javier pointed out that they only listened to the MP’s work plan, although he said that the main topic was the fight against lenders.

The congressman said that no deputy presented any proposal to the MP authorities.

For his part, Congressman Allan Rodríguez pointed out that 11 of the 17 groups participated and added that the president of the Legislature nor the “independent official” deputies did not attend.

“First, there is no official bench, they do not have a bench, they are independent deputies and they were surely embarrassed to come here to this institution because of the series of illegalities they have committed, so there was no presence of the official independent deputies,” Rodríguez commented.

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