Controversial Call at Asian Championship Super Round Sparks Debate: Chinese Team Defeats Philippines 2-1

2023-12-09 14:30:39

Song Jiaxiang said after the race that he met the Filipino runner first. (Photo/Photo by Fang Wanmin)

The Chinese team defeated the Philippines 2-1 in the Asian Championship Super Round tonight (9), but the “misjudgement” of the home run attack and defense in the crucial 8th inning still aroused discussion among fans. Catcher Song Jiaxiang, who blocked the Filipino runner but was scored by the referee, shouted after the game when he regained the moment: “I touched him!”

The referee determines the runner Safe. (Photo/Photo by Fang Wanmin)

Zhang Jingqi took over and started 7 scoreless innings. However, after Wu Youcheng was walked in the 8th inning, he was hit by a batter in the left field and formed a home plate defense; Song Jiaxiang received a return pass from Chen Wenjie in the left field at home plate. , but the Japanese referee called “safe”, allowing the Philippine team to score 1 point.

The referee determines the runner Safe. (Photo/Photo by Fang Wanmin)

Song Jiaxiang emphasized after the game, “Yes! I think I touched him. The referee may have made a different decision, thinking I didn’t touch him.” He also said that he wanted to challenge him at the moment: “I thought there was a (challenge) today. …” I also feel wronged for the teammates who were deducted points. As for tomorrow’s championship game, he said that every player on the Japanese team is very strong. Whether they hit the ball left or right, they hit the ball very solidly. The content of the hit is good and the distance is long. He also revealed that if he partners with Xu Ruoxi to start, he will There are changes that are different from the opening game because the Japanese team may make changes.

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The Chinese team will compete with the Japanese team for the championship tomorrow. (Photo/Photo by Fang Wanmin)

In addition, the Asian Championships originally did not have replay auxiliary judgments. The tournament announced today that due to the fierce competition and for the sake of caution, replay auxiliary judgments will be used in tomorrow’s third-place and championship games. The entire team will have one challenge each in the 9 regular rounds. The challenge will be retained successfully. If it enters an extra round, one more time will be added. Song Jiaxiang said directly, “If you have more protection, you may never need it.”

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