Get Ready for Mecha BREAK: Closed Alpha Test and Release Updates

2023-12-11 04:15:54

The sci-fi mecha action battle game “Mecha BREAK” developed by Amazing Seasun Games recently released its latest PV at The Game Awards 2023, and is expected to be launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (Steam) platforms. In addition, the official announced that the Closed Alpha Test will be launched in late December, and registration for test qualifications is already open. You have to drive a giant mecha into the future battlefield, shuttle between various terrains at high speed, and engage in long-range firefights with enemy units intertwined with artillery fire or thrilling close-range slashing confrontations. The film shows a future mecha generation full of fragmentation and conflict. Catastrophes and fading disasters have disintegrated the once highly connected human prosperity. The mining and utilization of new energy sources EIC and the promotion of giant mechas have brought hope for revival, but also emerged. An undercurrent of violence and destruction. The mechas that appear on the scene have five types of positioning: “sniper type, combat type, attack type, defense type, and support type.” The appearance of different mechas are targeted and repeatedly adjusted according to their positioning. From the ground to the sky, players will compete from a TPS perspective, with ultra-high-speed sprints and rapid dives that perfectly interpret the sense of speed. The “Falcon” that appears in the film is a mecha warrior with an elegant and streamlined appearance. It can change into “Falcon Form” to gain the ability to cruise at super high speeds and break through on the battlefield. It shuttles between hills, potholes, high-rise buildings and other terrains, waiting for opportunities to pounce on its prey like a bird of prey. The sensitive and meticulous body control also allows for full operation space for difficult technical movements such as “Itano Circus”. You will drive a variety of giant war machines to engage in exciting close combat battles, focusing on adjusting and polishing the sense of strike, bringing an immersive slashing experience with powerful force and sparks flying everywhere. You can seize the slightest flaw, sprint suddenly to close the distance with the enemy unit, and perform continuous close-quarters moves; you can also seize the opportunity to raise your shield to rebound, and launch a violent and rapid counterattack when the opponent is frozen. Among the various types of aircraft information disclosed in “Mecha BREAK”, there are many mechas equipped with energy cannons, heavy gatlings, howitzers and other heavy firepower. The “Triceratops” that appeared on the scene transformed itself into a fortress by transforming into a fortress, pouring out overwhelming firepower with intensive strafing. The Steam wishlist is open and the test recruitment channel is opened simultaneously. The Steam store details page and official website of “Mecha BREAK” are now online. You can add this game to your wishlist to get the latest news about the game release as soon as possible. In addition, the game’s Closed Alpha Test is expected to start in late December, and test recruitment is currently in full swing. “Mecha BREAK” Steam store page “Mecha BREAK” Closed Alpha Test test application “Mecha BREAK” official Discord, official website

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