Controversial deepfake Christmas video – BBC lets Queen complain about Harry and Meghan

The British broadcaster broadcasts a fake Christmas message from the Queen. That goes too far for critics.

Deceptively real? The Queen in the BBC’s fake video

Foto: BBB Channel 4

The British broadcaster BBC lets the Queen complain about the departure of Harry and Meghan in a satirical fake video at Christmas. “There are few more painful things than when someone tells you that they prefer the company of Canadians,” says Queen Elizabeth II, animated and dubbed using so-called deepfake technology Video of the broadcaster BBC Channel 4. The Queen’s grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan broke away from the British royal family and temporarily lived in Canada. They now live in California with their son Archie.

The complete alternative Christmas message, with which the broadcaster claims to draw attention to the dangers of fake content, should be broadcast on Christmas Day. There have been some complaints with the regulator Ofcom, a BBC report said. The royal author Penny Junor was furious, according to the Telegraph, about the monarch’s parody. Only a few things are sacred in today’s times – but this is going too far.

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