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Overseas media outlets are reporting one after another the controversy over SBS’ distorted reporting, which erased the expression ‘women’ in actress Yang Zi-kyung’s (Michelle Yeoh) Academy Award acceptance speech. Overseas media explained the SBS incident in detail, pointing out that ‘the wave of anti-feminism in Korea, which stigmatized discussions on women’s empowerment, caused this situation’.

Actor Yang Ji-kyung attended the 95th Academy Awards ceremony on the 12th (local time) for the movie <에브리씽 에브리웨어 올 앳 원스>“And ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that your prime is past. Never give up,” she said of her acceptance speech, referring specifically to “women.” Yang Yang-kyung, who has always been vocal about women’s rights, encouraged women through her acceptance speech.

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▲ Modified SBS video. In the previous video that was deleted, the subtitle and voice of ‘Women’ were erased. Screenshot of SBS 8 News video.

However, on the 13th (Korean time), SBS announced the award news of Yang Yang-kyung on ‘8 News’ and erased the part mentioned ‘And ladies’ from the audio as well as the subtitles. Except for SBS, other terrestrial broadcasters such as KBS and MBC and general news broadcasted the voice and subtitles including ‘Women’ as they were.

As a result, viewers protested that it was a ‘malicious distortion report that erased the position of women’, and SBS replaced the video with a video marked with the expression ‘women’. The SBS reporter who reported the report told Media Today on the 15th, “The first sync length of the report was 15 seconds, so the length of the entire report increased, and it happened while cutting the middle.” No,” he said. The SBS news agency also explained in an official position, “There was no intention to distort it with intention,” but criticism from viewers continues due to unclear explanations.

Overseas media also paid attention to the SBS controversy. Overseas media introduced the SBS incident in detail and explained the anti-feminist sentiment in Korea.

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▲ Captured from an article in The Times of America.

The US Times on the 15th (local time) <반페미니스트 백래시가 거세지는 가운데 한국 방송사가 양자경의 오스카상 수상 연설을 검열했다>(A South Korean Broadcaster Censored Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar Award Speech Amid Rising Antifeminist Backlash) said in an article titled, “SBS bulletin boards were flooded with posts criticizing the broadcaster’s censorship and misogyny and demanding an apology from the management.” It comes as Korean women face growing domestic hostility toward feminism and the gender equality movement.”

“Anti-feminism in Korea helped win Seok-yeol Yoon, a conservative conservative who announced last year that he would abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, to be elected president,” he said. Describe anti-feminist sentiment.

On the 14th, NPR, an American public radio broadcaster, also <한국의 한 주요 방송사가 양자경의 오스카 연설에서 ‘여성들’을 생략했다>(A major South Korean broadcaster omitted ‘ladies’ from Michelle Yeoh’s Oscars speech) through an article titled “This incident gives a glimpse into the tense atmosphere surrounding gender discourse in Korea. The anti-feminist wave, led by men who claim to be victims of sexism, has stigmatized discussions about women’s empowerment in South Korea. Many young women fear being branded as radical feminists, even among their peers. I feel uncomfortable talking about rights,” he explained.

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▲ Captured from an article on NPR, an American public radio station.

British weekly NME on the same day <한국 방송사 SBS, 미셸 여의 오스카 수상 소감 편집 논란>In a report titled (Korean network SBS faces backlash for editing Michelle Yeoh’s Oscars acceptance speech), “The broadcasting company was embroiled in misogyny controversy by editing the phrase ‘women’. Afterwards, SBS was criticized for editing the speech for news reporting, and netizens criticized misogyny.”

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▲ Captured from the British NME article.

On the 15th, The Star, a media outlet in Malaysia, the birthplace of Yeo Yang, also conveyed criticism from Korean netizens, saying, “Meanwhile, some deleted the word ‘women’ to exclude mention of gender, which cuts down on the difficulties many women face in real life. It was pointed out that it was coming down,” he reported. CNN Indonesia also said on the 14th, “SBS has been accused and criticized for omitting the ‘female’ part in the speech of Michelle Yeo, who won the 2023 Oscar for Best Actress, for being misogynistic.”

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▲ Capture of The Star article in Malaysia.
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▲ Captured from CNN Indonesia article.

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