controversy surrounding the sale of skin whitening products

Published on : 14/08/2022 – 08:21Modified : 14/08/2022 – 08:22

In Cameroon, we have been witnessing for a few days a controversy over products supposed to whiten the skin. At the origin of this case, a report from France 24 on lightening products sold by opposition MP Nourane Fotsing. Since the publication of this survey, these products have been banned for sale by the Cameroonian Minister of Health and the controversy is swelling throughout the country.

With our correspondent in Douala, Joel Wadem

It all started with an advertising campaign led by MP Nourane Fotsing on a drink containing in particular Glutathione and Alpha Arbutin, substances supposed to lighten the skin.

In the report broadcast by France 24, the businesswoman maintains that her products are certified organic and present no danger to health.

False, replies the Minister of Health in a press release signed on August 10, Malachie Manaouda warns: these products have not been validated by his ministerial department, and they are dangerous for the health of consumers.

The Minister will send letters to the promoters of these lightening substances, including the member’s company, requesting the suspension of the marketing of these products.

Upon receipt of this letter, Nourane Fotsing will denounce a political and media campaign against its structure and announce its closure. But while this announcement will create strong reactions in social networks, it will backtrack and file an approval file for its productions at the Ministry of Health.

In Cameroon, skin lightening has become a fashionable phenomenon, but people who undergo it are very often exposed to many diseases including skin cancer.

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