“Food, Work, Freedom” – Women Take to the Streets with Protest Rally in Afghanistan | Taliban fighters thrash women protesting for ‘bread, work, freedom’ in Kabul

Kabul: A 40-member women’s group held a protest rally in Afghanistan with slogans of “Food, Work, Freedom”. The protests came days before the Taliban seized power a year after the US withdrew from Afghanistan. This is the first protest by women during this period. The protest was in front of the Ministry of Education in Kabul.

“Justice, justice. We are tired of this ignorance,” chanted the protesters. The Taliban forces opposed them sportingly. He was beaten with a lathi and fired into the sky. Journalists who came to report were also attacked.

When he came to power, he said that he would reduce the restrictions imposed against women in the previous administration, but the discrimination increased. The Taliban banned women from education and seeking employment. Strict restrictions were imposed on freedom of dress and freedom of travel.

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