Copa Airlines plane leaves the runway (+VIDEO)

It was necessary to deploy the slides and emergency exits of the Boeing with registration HP-1539 belonging to Copa Airlines, after the aircraft left the runway upon landing. Later we share photos and video of the event.

A plane from the Panamanian airline Copa left the runway at the Tocumen airport on Sunday night. The incident caused great anxiety among the crew and passengers, who had to exit through the emergency doors, located on the wings of the plane, as can be seen in images.

The rescue protocol, which must be explained to passengers when each plane takes off, this time had to be put into practice by travelers. They had to make use of the emergency exits and adopt other security measures.

The plane left the runway and the slides were immediately activated to evacuate the plane and protect the lives of the passengers.

Temporary suspension of flights at Tocumen airport

At the Tocumen airport, the rest of the air operations had to be temporarily suspended. With the corresponding effects that this could generate in connection flights, takeoff and landing times of other planes.

According to a statement from the airport company Tocumen, SA: “The Civil Aeronautics Authority is carrying out the pertinent investigations.”

For its part, a statement from Copa Airlines makes it clear that it will monitor the status of the passengers. It indicates that at all times it acted in accordance with the protocols established internationally and by the company itself in the event of this type of event:

“Our priority is the well-being of the passengers and crew on board the flight, so we will provide them with the assistance that is necessary,” says Copa.

The incident took place at the time of landing the aircraft of the Boeing 737-800NG model with registration number HP-1539. It had left the Benito Juárez airport in Mexico bound for Panama, precisely at 5:26 in the afternoon of this Sunday, September 25.

No injuries have been reported after the maneuver. The damage that the aircraft may have suffered is currently being evaluated, as well as the causes that produced the incident.

The event took place at a time when it was raining heavily over Panama City, and strong gusts of wind were felt. In fact, Sinaproc had issued a rain prevention alert due to tropical storm Ian.

Copa Airlines promised to provide other details soon.

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