Corona today: Global Health reveals a surprise about the end of the epidemic

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Monday 24 January 2022

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After the new Corona virus has become a threat to the whole world, more than a year after its appearance, each of us has been looking forward to knowing what is happening every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought about in our lives.

“Masrawy” provides a daily service to display everything you want to know about the developments of the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and medicines, in a nutshell.

Global health reveals a surprise about the end of the epidemic

The World Health Organization revealed that the “Omicron” mutant, from the emerging corona virus, may bring the global health crisis closer. By March, he launched a new phase of the COVID-19 epidemic in the region.

Kluge added that this new stage of the epidemic “may bring the health crisis closer to the end,” according to what AFP reported, and Kluge said: “It is possible that the region is nearing the end of the epidemic,” according to Sky News.

A doctor expects to control the Corona epidemic by the middle of this year

Dr. Gamal Esmat, professor of gastroenterology at the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in Egypt, confirmed that there are many positive indicators that suggest that control of the Corona virus will begin in the middle of this year.

Dr. Esmat added in a television interview, “Corona is an experience that has not passed the world, and we were getting information hour by hour and minute by minute. The reasons for controlling Corona have many reasons, the most important of which are vaccinations, in addition to the mutant, which we have no control over. This is God’s creation in the virus and its development, What is important for us is not to neglect vaccinations and precautionary measures,” according to Russia Today.

An expert reveals a portal used by a mutant “Omicron” to invade the human body

Andrei Isaev, director of the Russian Genetic Research Center, revealed that the Omicron mutant can leak into the human body through the eyes.

Isayev explained that “the eye is often a gateway to transmission of infection,” noting that such cases are usually accompanied by signs of the disease represented by conjunctivitis, followed by a headache and a runny nose, and according to the director of the Genetic Research Center, there are patients who were infected with the “delta” mutant in October. Last, and in January, they were infected again with the Corona virus, adding that these cases are most likely infections with the “Omicron” mutant, according to Russia Today.

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