Coronavirus in Belgium: should we expect an increase in contamination with the return to school?

The number of new coronaviruses in Belgium has halved in one week. Hospitalizations follow suit and also decrease, but not so markedly because there is always a delay between the evolution of new infections and hospitalizations.

Yves Van Laethem, the interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus, was our guest in the RTL INFO 19H. He commented on the current situation in Belgium, responding in particular to questions from Caroline Fontenoy on the start of the school year.

Caroline Fontenoy: are schools sources of contamination? Maybe we will have the answer in 10 days?

Yves Van Laethem: “We will have an element of response at that time. We have always thought since the spring that children are much less transmitters when they are small than when they are older. In addition, when they are small, we can hardly teach them distance. We think it is important for them not to leave them like this, without education for months. We think that we are taking an extremely low risk by starting school again for small children. In 10 days, we will see what will happen but I think the risk is minimal. “

Caroline Fontenoy: if we were to see a significant increase in 10 days. Could schools be closed?

Yves Van Laethem: “It will be difficult unless the increase should be significant. We will see if there are no other measures to be taken before completely closing the schools, which would be crippling.”

Caroline Fontenoy: speaking of children, the feast of Saint-Nicolas is approaching. The recommendations do not change. No exceptions for this family celebration?

Yves Van Laethem: “Children need gifts if Saint Nicholas can give them any. But let’s take our precautions when giving these gifts. Let’s take them, either if they come directly to the parents or because they come to the grandparents. , but with a little distance and precautions. Not by jumping into the arms of the grandparents who received the gift of Saint-Nicolas. But by thanking them from a little further. “

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