Coronavirus: private entities may commercialize COVID-19 vaccine after mass immunization to citizens Antonio Pratto nndc | LIME

Antonio Pratto, a member of the Vaccine Command, indicated that private entities will be able to commercialize vaccines against the after the State carries out mass immunization of its citizens.

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In dialogue with RPP TV, Pratto explained that the laboratories and pharmaceutical companies will not be able to sell the vaccines before because there is no stock and because the manufacturers decided to channel the delivery through the governments of the countries.

Even if a private laboratory would like to access a vaccine, it will not be able to because there are no vaccines, there is no supply today, the demand is much greater than the supply.”, He expressed.

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The pharmaceutical laboratories that are investigating vaccines, and because it is a case of such a terrible pandemic that it was not seen in recent years, they have made the decision to channel the sale of vaccines through governments”, He added.

Along these lines, Pratto considered that what is established in the law that regulates Law No. 31091 “is not an ad hoc law so that private parties can import the vaccine” against COVID-19. Therefore, he ruled out that companies are going to compete with the Government in the acquisition of the doses.

As soon as a large part of the population has been vaccinated, whether in different countries, I would say the world population, which will be towards the end of this year, any private sector, probably when there is much more supply than demand, will be able to import”, He declared.

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