Corporation letter controversy; The police forgot the investigation after making a big discovery that the letter was missing

Thiruvananthapuram: Investigation into the letter controversy has proved that the Kerala Police, which excels in investigating cases, also has the ‘made up’ intelligence to sabotage the case.

Crime Branch and Vigilance are investigating two letters circulated in the name of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Mayor and Standing Committee Chairman seeking party list for appointment. The crime branch team made the big discovery that the ‘letter was missing’ and the CPM was the first to post the letter on social media. The report was prepared without going to the area committee member’s residence.

The police are trying to drag out the case which can be proved within 24 hours. CPM seeks list of party members to appoint 295 people One that has come out is a letter prepared in the name of Mayor Arya Rajendran to be given to District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan. They have also said that it was not prepared by the mayor and Anavoor has said that he did not receive it. After this, the crime branch starts the investigation.

The crime branch only got an instruction to ‘look after the matter’. Hence, no case was filed. The crime branch came to the conclusion that ‘the letter is missing’ after taking the statements of four people namely the mayor, Anavoor and two employees of the mayor’s office.

C.P.M. The letter was originally posted on a WhatsApp group of party members only. It was posted by an area committee member. Deleted from the group when it became controversial. Mayor, Anavoor and the staff of the mayor’s office denied that they were aware of the letter, how CPM The primary way is to ask the Area Committee member to find out what he has received. The police are not ready to do that

According to the crime branch report, a case should be registered to find the source of the letter. Three days have passed since that report was given. The crime branch chief who is supposed to look into it is on leave. There will be an inspection after returning after the holiday. Then wait for the government’s approval.

Chairman of the Standing Committee DR said that he himself wrote the second letter. Anil has agreed. His statement is that he destroyed that letter. With that, that case was also decided.

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