Cost of Living in Canadian Cities 2022: Calgary Overtakes Toronto and Vancouver

2023-12-12 04:22:38

Long considered the most expensive cities in the ten Canadian provinces, Toronto and Vancouver were overtaken in 2022 by Calgary.

Statistics Canada recently unveiled its Market Basket Measure (MBM) for the provinces and large cities of the 10 provinces in 2022.

According to this list, it is now in Calgary that it costs the most to live with an MBM which has reached $55,771, a peak in the country if we exclude the three northern territories. A family in Edmonton, for its part, must have at least $55,225 to afford the basket established by Statistics Canada.

In second place on the list, we find Vancouver, the most expensive city in the country for housing. The British Columbia metropolis posted a GPA of $55,727 in 2022, an amount just $50 lower than in Calgary.

Toronto compared itself more to Edmonton with a GPA of 55,262.

$10,000 less in Quebec

Quebecers affected by inflation and the housing crisis can tell themselves that it is by comparing ourselves that we console ourselves.

According to Statistics Canada calculations, a family must pay $45,411 in Quebec and $46,027 in Montreal to afford the essential goods and services to live.

These are lower amounts than in the majority of large cities in the country, including all the capitals and large cities of the four Atlantic provinces, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The MPS calculates the minimum cost of goods and services, including housing and transportation, so that a family of two adults and two children can have a modest, basic life. A family that cannot afford this basket is considered to be living below the poverty line.

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