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2023-12-03 02:38:39
2023-12-03 10:38 Lianhe News Network comprehensive report Costco, a chain of mass merchandisers.Reporter Huang Xiaoqing/Photography

Costco is a good place for many people to relax. Recently, a member recommended a bath towel that is soft, absorbent and durable. He said that he has been using it for many years and its CP value is very high. After the post was exposed, it also triggered a debate among netizens.

The original PO posted on the Facebook group “Honest Experience with Costco Products”Post this bath towelyou can see that the online price is 835 yuan for 6 pieces, and the average price is about 139 yuan. He continued: “I would like to recommend this bath towel. I have been using it for many years. It is really cost-effective. It does not cost 150 yuan per piece. The CP value is super high. , thick enough, soft and absorbent, and very durable. I am a person who loves to compare CP value. If I have the same effect or texture, I will always find the cheapest platform or store to buy it. Only this bath towel, after so many years, has I really have nothing to say.”

The original PO strongly recommended this bath towel and said that it is less than 150 yuan a piece, which is really a good deal. The picture was taken from this post. Netizens said, “I bought a set and bleached it and washed it repeatedly. I have been using it for 3 years.” The same group has been using it for 8 years, and the quality is still very good.” “The advantage of pure white is that it can be bleached and sterilized with bleach, and a bundle will last a long time.” “The price of 6 pieces is very good.”

However, some netizens said, “It’s cheap, but it sheds a lot of hair, and then I used it all as bedding for furry children.” “There was a lot of broken cotton, and it had to be washed 2 to 3 times.” “It was first produced in Pakistan, and in recent years it was produced in India. . Not only does it shed hair, but it also becomes thinner and breaks easily, but the CP value is still high.”, “It’s soft at first, but it starts to become hard and thick after about 10 washes.”, “It’s not easy to use, it’s been washed many times. It still sheds lint very well and it stuck to my body even when I wiped it. I finally couldn’t bear it and returned it.”

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