Côte d’Ivoire-AIP/ Two new cases of leprosy recorded in the health district of Sinfra

Sinfra, Feb 18, 2023 (AIP) – The health district of Sinfra recorded two new cases of leprosy in 2023, bringing the number of patients in treatment to ten, AIP learned Thursday from the health authorities.

According to the focal point for neglected tropical diseases (NTD) of the health district, Nanan Kouassi Valentin, the disease which had disappeared “in our area, unfortunately we are seeing an upsurge in the localities of Barata-Trikata, Manoufla-N and Huafla with the discovery of two new cases,” he added.

This resurgence of the disease, specified the focal point of NTDs, is justified by specificities specific to each locality. He underlined that in Barata-Trikata, the non-respect of the instructions given during the sensitization campaigns is the cause of the resurgence of the disease of leprosy, in addition to its proximity to the highly endemic zone constituted by the sub- Guepahouo and Diégonéfla prefectures, in the department of Oumé, he added.

Leprosy is defined as a chronic infectious disease that affects peripheral nerves, skin and mucous membranes. Very contagious, its main symptom is the appearance of painless spots on the body.

It is easily cured when detected early, but can lead to infirmity or handicap in the event of a complication, it is reported.

About three million people in 120 countries around the world are still living with the disease with 20,000 new cases each year, of which 15 to 20% are children according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Côte d’Ivoire, 500 cases are detected each year with 90% recovery. Moreover, the country aims to achieve a goal of “zero leprosy by 2030” with the implementation of the government’s strategic plan for the elimination of leprosy 2022-2026.



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