Could not bear the separation of the spouse; The 86-year-old and 70-year-old joined the survival class

A 70-year-old woman helped an 86-year-old man who came to Atjivana class to overcome the impact of his spouse’s separation. George Palmer and Ruth Walls of Italy met, became friends, and later married in a survival class.

George’s son also died soon after his wife died. Surviving the shock of their separation was not easy for George. So was Ruth. Both of them decide to attend a survival class when they are unable to forget their life partner’s departure.

But from there, the two became friends and a year-long friendship eventually turned into love. George was the first to confess his love to Ruth. But Ruth also had no objection to this.

Later, all the relatives arranged the marriage. Only 20 people attended the function. Even after getting married, the couple says they don’t miss their class.

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