Court arrests head of Korea Communications Commission for suspicion of reapproval of TV Chosun

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On September 23 last year, employees are coming and going in the building of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) of the Gwacheon Government Complex, which is being searched and seized by the prosecution.

The head of the Korea Communications Commission, who is suspected of intentionally lowering the score in the TV Chosun re-approval review, was arrested.

On the 11th, Judge Moon Kyung-hoon of the Seoul Northern District Court issued an arrest warrant for Chamo, the head of the Korea Communications Commission, who is suspected of obstruction of business, saying, “There is an explanation for the important charges, and there is a concern about the destruction of evidence in light of the attitude in the audit and investigation stages.” .

Regarding Director Yang’s mother, who was also requested, the arrest warrant was dismissed, saying, “It is difficult to recognize the reason and reasonableness of arrest at this stage, and it is necessary to guarantee the right to defense.”

In September of last year, the prosecution took over documents from the Board of Audit and Inspection that showed that some of the KCC judges intentionally gave TV Chosun low scores on certain items, and searched and seized the KCC three times and investigated those involved. At the beginning of this month, officials from the Korea Communications Commission, including the judges for the re-approval of comprehensive programs, were summoned and investigated in turn.

The standard for re-approval of comprehensive programs is 650 points or more out of 1000 points. Even if it exceeds 650 points, if it does not exceed 50% of the allotted points in the key examination items, it will be re-approved or rejected conditionally. TV Chosun passed the standard with a total score of 653.39 at the time, but was conditionally re-approved for failing in the item of ‘realization of public responsibility and fairness of broadcasting and the necessity of local, social, and cultural needs’, which is a key review item.

Han Sang-hyeok, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, issued a statement on the same day and said, “The review for reapproval of comprehensive programs is independently conducted by judges appointed by the members of the broadcasting and communication committee, and the final decision on reapproval is made through the resolution process of the chairperson and other standing committee members. . The secretariat, including the director and manager, only played a limited role in supporting the process in a clerical way,” he said.

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