Covid-19 – A class has been quarantined at Laconnex primary school

The teachers’ union deplores the difficulty of maintaining the distance of 1.50 m in class and of accessing the masks.

Image d’illustration. Photo: Salvatore Di Nolfi


In Laconnex, the parents of primary school students learned this weekend that a class had to be closed and the children placed in quarantine until September 19 included. At the beginning of September, 39 students from a school in Versailles had to be confined to their homes. However, thee Department of Health wants reassurance: schools, unlike crèches a few weeks ago, do not currently have epidemic outbreaks, says his spokesman, Laurent Paoliello. We record nevertheless cases both among teachers and students.

À LaConnex, as in Versoix, it was the teacher who tested positive. In both situations, the barrier gestures were notpplicateds to the letter. “The distance of 1,50 m was not respected and the master was not wearing a mask, Laurent Paoliello reports about the case at Laconnex. As it was not possible to determine precisely with qui this close contact took place and for how long we decided to place allte the class en quarantine. ” Homework is provided to children, indicates the Department of Public Education. Online courses, via webcam, are, she, reserved for the secondary level.

“Inappropriate and inapplicable plan”

The president of the primary teachers’ union (SPG), Francesca Marchesini, regrets that teachers can be held responsible for not having implemented measures which she describes as“Unsuitable”. The Geneva Teachers’ Federation moreover deplored, last week “the public exposure and identification of school personnel, as well as the dissemination of communications which seem to imply shortcomings in the application of the health measures and instructions of its go”. For Francesca Marchesini, «we must be clear: the health plan is inapplicable and inconsistent. When providing tutoring, working in special education or with toddlers among other examples it is impossible to maintain the distance of 1,50 m and this is not necessarily desirable. ”

You should wear a mask in these situations. And this is where the shoe pinches, according to her: “NThewe did not automatically receive masks, sounlike secondary II teachers. If we want to, we have to ask management. In some establishments, it is even necessary to fill out a form and justify or justify the need. That is problematic. We can need it urgently, everyone should be able to be equipped systematically. “

Blurred concept of “close contact”

The notion “close contact” is also a problem. The Federal Office of Public Health la defined by the fact of having been «within 1.5 meters for more than fifteen minutes (all at once or cumulatively)» of a sick person. “This could have caused confusion, recognizes Laurent Paoliello. In fact, as soon as the distance cannot be respected, a mask must be worn. This notion of fifteen minutes is an element of appreciation intended for health authorities for determine whether or not to quarantine a contact. It is not a tool available to people, we cannot say that we can pass fourteen minutes near a person without a mask without the risk of contaminating or being contaminated. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds. But Pthe longer the contact, the greater the likelihood of infection. ”

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