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Whether at home or abroad, Omicron almost completely replaces the Delta virus strain! The command center today announced the results of the genetic sequencing of foreign immigration this week. It was found that 79 of the 84 people were Omicron, and 145 people have been infected with Omicron. Among them, 7 were local and 138 were imported from abroad, most of them during entry and quarantine. Was checked out.

The top 5 countries of 138 cases of Omicron’s overseas immigration are:

  • 84 cases in the U.S.
  • 12 cases in the UK
  • 8 cases in Kazakhstan
  • 6 cases in France
  • Canada 4 cases

Luo Yijun, deputy leader of the medical response team, said: “The age distribution of the cases is the most from 20 to 39 years old, and the genders are similar. There are only 7 non-breakthrough infections, and the remaining 131 have been fully vaccinated.”

Most cases of infection have mild symptoms, 62 people are asymptomatic, 76 people have mild symptoms, and no one has symptoms of moderate to severe symptoms. Luo Yijun emphasized: “Because most of the overseas immigration cases have been fully vaccinated, they are protective against severe illness. “

As for the 138 cases, Luo Yijun also mentioned: “134 people were found within 7 days, and only 4 people were detected within 7 days. But in the 10+4 or 14+0 plan, the quarantine period expired and the diagnosis was taken. , And did not return home to test positive.”

However, Omicron’s breakthrough infection is serious. At present, in this domestic wave of clusters of peach machines, all 12 people are fully vaccinated, with the brand Modena, BNT, and AZ vaccines. The command center has also shortened the interval between the third doses of vaccines. Time, I hope the people will gain protection as soon as possible.

Text/Wang Qianling, Picture/Su Yuting

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