COVID-19 reveals 5 mechanisms that may cause long-term abnormalities in the body.

(December 14, 2022) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira Worathanarat or “Doctor Thira“Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn UniversityFacebookto the issue of diseaseCOVID-19 Disclose academic information about the problem. Long COVID revealed even if treatedCOVID symptomThe first period until it got better. But may cause long-term abnormalities in the body.

yesterdayaround the world added 451,422 people, 845 more deaths, a total of 654,595,394 people DiedTotal 6,661,142 people

The top 5 most infected are Japan, France, South Korea, the United States and Taiwan.

Yesterday, a number of new infections had countries from Europe. and Asia occupies 8 of the top 10 and 14 of the top 20 globally.

The number of new infections per day around the world right now From Asia and Europe combined, accounting for 92.73 percent of the whole world, while the number of deaths accounted for 70.76 percent.

Update the latest Long COVID information from the EU

The European Union (EU) released a panel of experts yesterday, December 13, 2022, which reviewed global academic data on the issue. Long COVID

The key points from this report emphasize that Long COVID is a real problem. and affect both the patient and society.

After being infected with COVID-19, even though the initial treatment has improved But may cause long-term abnormalities in the body. through various mechanisms such as

1. Organs or tissues are destroyed by direct viral infection.

2. Presence of long-term persistent virus or viral fragments in the body and result in a chronic inflammatory process

3. Infection causes autoimmune activation.

4. Viral infections provoke disorders of the blood clotting process. Causing thrombosis in the blood vessels or organs of the body

5. Infection triggers other viruses that have been infected latent in the body to relapse, such as EBV, Herpes virus.

education from around the world And prove that there are problems from the above mechanisms and is the reason that explains various abnormal symptoms of Long COVID patients, which cause problems in almost every system of the body. and subsequent chronic disease

The European Union’s panel of experts advises countries. in the European Union that it is necessary to invest in research to find a cureLong COVID situationMobilize resources to invest in health systems to cope with the large number of patients who require treatment and rehabilitation. Focus on disease control. Reduce the spread of infectious diseases in the country. This includes campaigning for vaccination, adjusting the service model at all levels of the health system to have coordination to provide effective patient care, and developing a system for assessment, monitoring, and surveillance so that information can be used. in planning to properly manage Long COVID problems in a timely manner

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For our Thai people, the problem of Long COVID will become more and more evident. Because the number of infections transmitted has been large in several waves of severe outbreaks over the past two years.

If anyone has a problem would know for himself that diminish the quality of life Performance in work, study and daily life

The best protection is non-infection or not re-infected complete vaccination schedule It will reduce the risk of Long COVID.


Independent Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health publishes opinion on the impact of the post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) on health systems. European Commission. 13 December 2022.

Proofread…. Suree Silawong

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