Covid cases increase and several countries return with mandatory chinstraps

Everything seems to indicate that in that country the resolution would be announced next week, This was announced by the Colombian Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho this Friday: “This is a proposal that is being considered, if it occurs, it will be for people over 2 years of age in open and closed spaces where there are crowds, in addition to the 3 places where to date they are used compulsorily, which are: Health Service Provider Institutions (IPS), nursing homes and public transport”, reported the head of this health portfolio, Carolina Corcho.

Brazil imposed it in airports and planes

In the meantime Brazil once again imposes the use of chinstraps in airports and planes. The neighboring country made the decision in the face of a new summer season and the increase in coronavirus cases. The use of the mask in the neighboring country had ceased to be mandatory last August, but now the epidemiological situation caused them to review the measure.

What can happen in Argentina in the face of outbreaks in different countries?

For the renowned Cordovan infectologist, Hugo Pizzi, it is probable that “before the end of the year” there will be an outbreak in Argentina. “It is not only Brazil, in Chile the authorities are looking at which way to go due to the increase in cases, it is what also happened in Europe and it is the prelude to what had to come here,” he stressed.

Later, Pizzi pointed out that in general, all the regrowths “correspond to the omicron variant”, in its different subtypes. He placed special emphasis on the situation in Brazil, the favorite destination for Argentine tourists for summer vacations. “Brazil is very striking with almost 100,000 cases, with a very significant underreporting, and also very worrying,” due to the close contact with our country, he said.

He reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated, even with the fifth dose for those who are part of the risk groups. Having free vaccines, “it is not understood” how many of the hospitalized people had not completed or started their vaccination schedule, she concluded.

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, said that “there is no chance” to return to the worst scenario of the pandemic, Given the increase in coronavirus cases in the country. The official ruled out that the increase in cases registered in recent weeks could cause an overflow in the health system.

While acknowledging that it is in which there is an increase in the number of cases, he stressed that it did not translate into hospitalizations or deaths.

Vizzotti recalled that since September 21, the use of a mask is not mandatory but “it is recommended; it never stopped being so, especially for people at risk.”


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