Cracking Down on Counterfeit YouTube Channels: YouTube’s New Policy to Protect Content Creators and Brands

2023-06-24 15:11:55

YouTube earlier announced a new policy that is expected to come into effect on August 21 this year, in order to crack down on counterfeiting more famous YouTube channel content, avoid affecting the rights and interests of content creators, brands, etc. benefit situation. Although YouTube has always used Content ID and other methods to identify whether uploaded video content involves copyright, plagiarism, etc., there are always people who try to exploit the loopholes, and then imitate more famous YouTube channels, and upload the same video content and description. It even pretends to interact with creators, brands and netizens to increase “credibility”. Usually, this kind of situation is mostly to defraud more viewing traffic, so as to realize profit through YouTube , or to increase the number of viewers who create accounts by imitating well-known YouTube channels, or even use accounts for malicious purposes, such as for Promote misinformation, scams, etc. In order to reduce such situations, YouTube’s new policy, effective from August 21, will start to crack down on counterfeiting other people’s YouTube accounts, and even prohibit uploading the same content as creators and brands, and prohibit channel content from being owned by others. Extremely similar, and at the same time, it is not allowed to imitate existing news channels, or reply to video comments by pretending to be others, so as to reduce the misleading situation of ordinary users by fake content.
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