Craig Hamilton-Parker declares the exact date of the start of World War III

2023-06-11 10:07:06

06/11/2023 at 11:45 a.m.


‘The new Nostradamus’ also predicted the election of Donald Trump or Brexit in England

The Coronavirus crisis, the war in Ukraine and, now, the third World War: the seer known as ‘New Nostradamus’ has set an exact date for the start of the next conflict that will quarrel with a good part of the countries of the globe, as has not happened since the German forces surrendered on May 7, 1945.

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a self-proclaimed British prophet, nicknamed by the press as “prophet of doom” who gained notoriety after the accurate predictions of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump or the death of Elizabeth II. Due to its high percentage of correct answers, the alarms have gone off when it was known when it predicts that the next world conflict will begin.

As he explained on his YouTube channel, World War III will start in 2023 following an accident in Taiwan: the island state located 180 kilometers from China and which maintains a complicated legal and diplomatic relationship with the Asian country, which in recent months has not ceased to become tense.

The Collision of two planes or submarines in Taiwan would be the trigger of the next world war and would begin this year, as revealed by the ‘New Nostradamus’ in The Daily Star. This possible accident would be the spark that would explode the war between China, Russia and Western countries.

“I have said for some time that a conflict over Taiwan is looming, which I believe thatand will happen in 2023. I think we’re going to have an accidental conflict in some respects because we’re going to have something of a collision. Either the submarines will hit each other or the planes will cut into each other or someone triggers it, and it all starts to spiral out of control,” Hamilton-Parker explained.

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