Controversy and Clarity: A Deep Dive into the León vs América VAR Decision

2023-11-30 06:02:59 The first leg León vs América sparked a lot of controversy with the second goal by Henry Martín, who was on the verge of being offside, but according to the VAR and the referee Marco Antonio Ortiz, the goal was legal. Was it out of character for Henry? At the La Última Palabra … Read more

Effective Weight Loss Strategies: The Exercise You Need to Lose Weight at Home

2023-10-22 09:05:01 April Escalante 10/22/2023 at 11:05 CEST When we set ourselves the goal of losing weight, we usually activate certain protocols that involve increasing caloric expenditure, reducing the intake of fats and sugars and, ultimately, Try to lead a healthier lifestyle in general. Despite everything we think we know when we propose to lose … Read more

The rains arrive for the Puente del Pilar 2023

2023-10-12 14:19:24 12/10/2023 and las 15:45 CEST The weather forecast for the 2023 Puente del Pilar is due to rain Although it will start with stable weather and balanced temperatures, rain could appear during the weekend The weather forecast for Pilar Bridge of 2023 goes through rain. Although it will start with stable weather and … Read more

AEMET Orange Alert for the next few hours

2023-09-15 07:48:49 15/09/2023 and las 09:17 CEST The State Meteorological Agency predicts that in the coming days rains and storms will return to Spain Starting this Thursday, locally strong showers and storms will occur in the Levante and Balearic areas. The Meteorology Statal Agency It is expected that in the coming days rains and storms … Read more

Controversial Love Triangle: Jordhy Thompson Caught Kissing Ex-Partner at Party

2023-08-15 03:42:59 Controversy Although Gustavo Quinteros proudly wears the second chance he gave Thompson, the 19-year-old forward doesn’t respond off the pitch. Despite being prohibited from getting close, Jordhy was kissing with his ex, Camila Sepúlveda, on the birthday of Marcos Bolados’ wife. By Hector Orrego Bocchieri 14/08/2023 – 23:42hs CLT © Guille Salazar/RedGol / … Read more