Crime Branch officials abduct female doctor and extort money; Two arrested Crime News

Peermede: Two persons have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a female doctor in the name of crime branch officials. Manu Yashodharan (39) of Kottayam Panachikad Mattam and Sam Kora (33) of Chapath Heaven Valley Estate were arrested.

Govt. Half a lakh rupees was extorted from the doctor of the hospital, Kani Mallar. They arrived at the clinic in Elappara the other day and introduced themselves as crime branch officials. When the doctor told her that she was trembling, they took an employee from the clinic in a car and left for Tamil Nadu.

They said they saw Kanimalar after the tremor and they were crime branch officials from Thiruvananthapuram. He asked to come along for questioning as there was a case in the name of the doctor. Then they took the doctor in the car and left for Kumily. During the journey, they demanded money saying that the case would be dropped.

He took Rs 50,000 from the doctor. When he reached Kumily, the doctor and staff got out of the vehicle. When the doctor came home and found out that he had been cheated, he lodged a complaint with the police. A team led by DySP CG Sanalkumar, SI Officer, ASI Naseema and civil police officers Siyad and Anku Krishnan nabbed the accused at Sam Kora’s house in Chapath.

English Summary: Arrest in kidnap case

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