Violent Attack: Woman Brutally Beaten for Urinating Near Neighbor’s House in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

2023-12-17 15:25:04 Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) ∙ A young woman was brutally beaten up for urinating near her neighbor’s house. The police said that the woman was beaten with an iron rod, including on her private parts, and became unconscious and was later admitted to the hospital. The incident took place under Ramchandra Mission police station … Read more

US Teacher Arrested for Threatening to Behead Student Over Israeli Flag: Incident Details and Reactions

2023-12-17 10:04:14 Washington: The US teacher who threatened to behead a student for insulting the Israeli flag was arrested. The incident took place on December 7. Another teacher brought the incident to the attention of the police. Other teachers heard the 51-year-old teacher threatening three students. One of the students said that she went to … Read more

Man Arrested for Killing Mother and Transporting Body in Suitcase to UP: Full Story

2023-12-16 03:21:31 Prayagraj: After killing his mother in Haryana, the son who traveled to UP by train with the suitcase containing the body was arrested. The police have arrested the son of Himanshu (20) who killed Pratima Devi (42), an employee of a cotton mill living in Hisar, Haryana. The incident happened on 13th of … Read more

Justice for Abused Child: Malayali Girl Molested by Two Women and Boyfriend in Mumbai

2023-12-06 01:44:48 MUMBAI – The Mumbai Police has announced that a case will soon be registered on the complaint that a 17-year-old Malayali girl was molested by two women who were her mother’s friends and one of her boyfriends. A Kurla resident nurse with family roots in Mavelikara filed a complaint against those who tortured … Read more

Chennai Nursing Student Murder: Shocking WhatsApp Status and Arrest

2023-12-02 03:27:20 CHENNAI – After strangling a Malayali nursing student, she took a picture and posted it as a status on WhatsApp, suggesting that the dispute over the photo continued. Ashiq (21) was arrested in Kollam Thenmala Urukunnu Charuvila Putthanveetil Fauzia (20) murder case, Kollam Kulathupuzha Ayyanpilla Valav Ashiq Mansilil. Ashiq had come to meet … Read more

Trichy Murder Case: Tamil Nadu Woman and Lover Kill Husband, 5 Arrested

2023-11-12 10:35:32 Chennai: Five people, including the woman and her boyfriend, have been arrested in the case of the murder of her husband in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Prabhu (30), a flower seller, was killed. Prabhu’s wife Vinodini (26), her lover Bharti (23), friends Ruben Babu, Diwakar and Sharwan were arrested. Police said Prabhu’s questioning of … Read more