Crime: Large-scale police operation in a hotel in Düsseldorf

Large-scale police operation in a hotel in Düsseldorf

Large-scale operation in Düsseldorf. Photo: Gerhard Berger / TheNewshunter / dpa

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The police found a gun in a Düsseldorf hotel and arrested a man. Special forces comb through the building.

The police are on duty with a large contingent in a hotel in Düsseldorf. According to a spokesman, a gun was found in a room. A man was arrested to whom the weapon is attributed.

The hotel had been partially evacuated. Several special task forces (SEK) searched the building. It must be clarified whether there are any other suspects there.

Initially, the spokesman did not want to provide any information on possible backgrounds. “The arrested person has not yet appeared to the police,” he said simply.

The pictures showed that heavily armed police officers had surrounded the hotel “the niu Tab”. An armored police vehicle had also arrived. The hotel is located in the Oberbilk district of Düsseldorf.

According to the spokesman, the operation had started in the early afternoon.


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