Cristina Storioni, former Minister of Education of Neuquen, died

This Wednesday, it became known that died the former Minister of Education of Neuquen, Cristina Storioni. She was hospitalized in Buenos Aires. After the news of her was known, Governor Omar Gutiérrez mourned her death and remembered her as “a woman with great values”.

The former official was hospitalized at the Alexander Fleming Institute, in Buenos Aires. Days ago, blood donors had been requested. His state of health was delicate.

Storioni was in charge of the Education area, until December 3, 2021, when she was replaced by Osvaldo Llancafilo. As reported by the Government at that time, the Storioni’s departure from Omar Gutiérrez’s cabinet was for health reasons.

One of those who spoke today was the governor of Neuquén. He pointed out that he was a person “committed to the education of each Neuquén and Neuquén”.

The current Minister of Education, Osvaldo Llancafilo, also expressed his condolences and defined her as someone “optimistic, tireless worker, committed to her convictions.”

Also, he dedicated a few words to her, the current president of the Provincial Council of Education, Ruth Flutsch:

Cristina Storioni was six years in charge of Education

Christine Storioni, began her work as Minister of Education on December 11, 2015, cWith the first term of Omar Gutiérrez. Later, he spent two years in the second term of the current governor.

Part of his task in those years was to address how to run classes during the pandemic of coronavirus, and then the return to face-to-face. In addition, he served as President of the Provincial Council of Education (CPE).

One of the events that happened, during his second term in the Education portfolio, was the explosion at school No. 144 in Aguada San Roque, which caused the death of the workers Nicolás Francés and Mariano Spinedi, and days after the teacher Mónica Jara.

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