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2023-04-30 03:15:46

Honor, which has separated from Huawei, has gradually become a new force in China’s mobile phone brands. During the Honor Shenzhen R&D Laboratory Open Day held recently, its CEO Zhao Ming also communicated with China Media on his thoughts on technology research and development. Zhao Ming mentioned that the amount that Honor will spend on research and development in 2022 is close to 10% of its revenue. He even boasted that few companies in the mobile phone industry can spend 10% of their revenue on research and development like them.

Crazy iPhone Cons

The CEO of Honor even pointed out the three major shortcomings of Apple’s competitor. He said that when it comes to Apple, everyone thinks that the hardware configuration is not good, the communication is poor, and the battery life is poor. The iPhone has poor signal, poor battery life, and larger black borders than the Honor. Why is it so expensive? The reason is that Apple has iOS and an ecosystem. Zhao Ming pointed out that it seems that an iOS can cover up all Apple’s shortcomings and problems. After counting Apple’s faults, Zhao Ming said that Honor will further improve on the basis of MagicOS 7.0, and the next step is to create an experience comparable to iOS. Honor wants to catch up with or surpass Apple in terms of system fluency and ecology, and build its own core capabilities.

Has surpassed Huawei’s flagship

Zhao Ming went on to praise the release of the Honor Magic5 series, which has no rivals in the communication, screen, eye protection, and comprehensive experience of the flagship phone. He said that Honor is going to challenge the fluency of Hongmeng and iOS. He believes that MagicOS 7.0 and Hongmeng 3.0 are 90% comparable in strength to their opponents, and Honor’s fluency is even better. The next step is to have such contrast in both Hongmeng and iOS. Ability.

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