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2023-04-29 14:44:32

A family threatened by paramilitary violence was compensated with a new home in exchange for the one they had to abandon in the rural area of ​​Cabuyaro, Meta.

Faced with the impossibility of returning to the land that is located in a flood zone, the Land Restitution Unit, through Grupo Fondo, assumed the administration of the property and will hand it over to the municipal administration in custody.

The story goes back to the 90s, when the married couple acquired the property “La Esperanza” where they lived and had some food crops. Their luck changed after the arrival of the paramilitary groups in the area, who began to extort the residents of the Guayabal village and tried to recruit the eldest son of this family.

Faced with constant threats from the illegal armed group, in October 2001, this family group had no choice but to flee to Villavicencio to safeguard their lives and integrity.

With the entry into force of Law 1448 of 2011, the head of the household went to the Land Restitution Unit, an entity that brought the case to justice, achieving recognition of their right to restitution through compensation for environmental equivalence.

Thus, in compliance with the court order, this family returned to have their own roof, in the municipality of their choice. Meanwhile, the property was left in the hands of the Land Restitution Unit, after the delivery procedure that was recently completed with the presence of the Municipal Promiscuous Judge, officials of the Cabuyaro Municipal Mayor’s Office and with the accompaniment of the Public Force .

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The compensated family is also entitled to the State’s institutional offer as a complement to their comprehensive reparation.

Source: Land Restitution Unit

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