“Crowned Beauty Queen in Brazil has Crown Snatched and Smashed in Shocking Video: Exclusive Translation”

2023-05-30 04:58:07

translation Exclusive: A video clip showed a young man snatching the crown of the crowned beauty queen in Brazil and smashing it to the ground after his wife won second place in the competition.

And the video, published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, showed a man storming the stage of the Brazilian drag queen competition and taking the crown that was about to be placed over the head of the winner of the title of beauty queen.

And during the video, Natalie Baker’s husband suddenly snatches the crown from the winner of the beauty pageant title, and slams it to the ground while he is angry.

And the video was monitored, the husband lifted the crown from the ground and hit it again, as the competition supervisor said that the police would be contacted to request legal action to cover the cost of the broken crown.

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