Mother Commits Murder of 5-Year-Old Child: Details Revealed by Egyptian Public Prosecution

2023-05-30 02:55:13

Today, Tuesday, the Public Prosecution in Egypt revealed the details of a mother’s commission of the murder of her 5-year-old child, in Faqous, Sharkia Governorate.

Today, Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor ordered the referral of the murderer of her son, Faqous, to the Criminal Court, after it was proven that she was free of any psychological or mental disorder, and evidence gathered that she committed the incident.

And according to the Egyptian Public Prosecution, in a statement on its official Facebook page, “the investigations concluded that Hana Mohamed Hassan premeditatedly killed her 5-year-old child, for fear that her divorced husband would separate him from her.”

The statement added that the accused “prepared an ax stick to kill the child, closed the windows of the house, and left him alone, taking advantage of his confidence in her, but she ignored him and hit his head with three blows that caused his death.”

He continued, “To hide the traces of her crime, she cut the child’s body into pieces to hide it, but she was arrested before she could bury her.”

The statement confirmed that the Public Prosecution office “took many precise investigative measures that proved that it committed the incident with sound awareness and awareness and is fond of the desire to possess it, and to prevent its divorced person and his family from mixing with him, or to pursue her for the right to see him.”

The Public Prosecution indicated that it did not rely only on its confessions of committing the crime in establishing evidence, but also verified the validity of those declarations, and the validity of attributing the accusation against it from the testimony of 16 witnesses, and what it found during the examination of the crime scene, and what it found in it of the remains of the dead body and the tools and effects of the crime. And what was proven by the reports of the Forensic Medicine Authority, which confirmed the ratio of the body parts to the murderer genetically, and the percentage of blood that was found on her clothes to the dead man, and also proved the permissibility of the occurrence of the incident as admitted by the accused, and using the tools that were seized.

The statement also pointed out that “reports proved that she did not use any narcotic substances, and that the seized medicines were free from her residence, which would affect her mental or nervous health.”

He explained that “what definitively determined the mental and psychological integrity of the accused and her responsibility for committing the crime was what was proven in the report issued by the Department of Forensic Psychiatry of the Regional Council for Mental Health, that she does not suffer, neither at the time of the examination, nor at the time of the commission of the crime, from any psychological or mental disorder that makes her lose or lack awareness.” choice, knowing wrong from right, discerning and sound judgment on matters, making her fully responsible for the crime she committed.”

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