Cruz Azul: Jesús Corona changes criticism and boos for applause

Abigail Parra

Aztec stadium / 22.02.2020 22:51:57


The beginning of 2020 closing it hadn’t been quite good even for Blue Cross not even for Chuy Corona. And in their individual performance, the doorman was booed and constantly criticized. Today, The goalkeeper has been playing for two consecutive games under the three sticks and is critical in the victories of the Machine.

“They are good words, of a great player, of a historic already in Mexican football. This is the life of the goalkeeper, now everything is turned around and I am very happy, more because I can help my teammates and that’s why I always work to try to support them. I feel very confident and will continue working as usual, ”said the goalkeeper, after André-Pierre Gignac Praise your work tonight.

Likewise, Crown recognized the level of Tigers And because of that valued even more the triumph achieved tonight, because that implies that the celestial ones increase their streak to four games with victory (three of League and one of Concacaf).

“The tests are in every game. We have to be at an optimal level. Yes, it is an important test for the team we face (Tigers), for each player that has and for the time they have been working under the same system, I think it was a good test and we got a positive result, ”he concluded.


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