Cuban youtuber Hildina released with fine and under threat

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban youtuber Hilda Núñez Díaz, better known as Hildina, was released this Thursday after being detained, interrogated and fined by the political police at the Operations Center in Santiago de Cuba.

“Hildina is already at home, she was fined and threatened, according to them ‘for taking over social networks to discredit the government.’ She made threats of all kinds as they know how to do well, ”says a message that appeared on her Instagram account.

The information, shared by a third person, indicates that the young woman “has no way to communicate because they kept” her cell phone and her laptop in the operation carried out this morning.

“She is in a very bad state psychologically after everything she was put through and being treated like a criminal. Thanks to everyone who has shared what happened. Do not stop doing it ”, indicates the message.


Since last year, Hildina has been harassed and persecuted by the political police of the Cuban regime due to her publications on social networks, which show the serious economic and social crisis that the island is experiencing.

In December 2022, Hildina received “a call to action” from officials of the Universidad de Oriente due to her posts on social networks, in which she shows the reality that exists on the Island.

The academic recounted in her publication that during the meeting “they wanted to scare her a bit” and that, when leaving the meeting, the officials warned the youtuber that “if she kept making the videos, everything would reach another level.” .

The persecution against the young woman in her workplace was denounced by the Observatory of Academic Freedom (OLA), which warned about the probable expulsion of the young woman from the Universidad de Oriente.

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